When in TOKYO

Places:  Tokyo Area ( Shinjuku - Harajuku - Shibuya - Shin Okubo - Tokyo Disney Sea) & Hamano, Chiba


楽しかった!今度、東京で 本当に 巣晴らし。。。

The story behind "When in Tokyo":

I will never forget when I was in Tokyo. It was an unfortunate event when suddenly shocked my episode of excitement  to the metropolis. Luckily,  it was not so really called turmoil despite it frighten me enough. Only due to seconds of shock by the earthquake, I stranded around more than half hour inside the train. I don't know how you would feel when  your boarding train is static over the long sea bridge for quite long time as it happened to me.

That time, I felt the triggered warning alarm train provoked much worries to passengers. Even I could see the train conductors were fussy handling telecoms  line ( maybe trying contact with railway operation center), since I was at first car.  At first shock, they was trying to slowly move the train from stranded on the bridge but it seem couldn't work after another shocks impacted on the railway system. Their anxiety showed something bad might happen if the bridge has problem. Tsunami might sway the train on the bridge or the train might submerged into the sea are the bad guesses might you wouldn't want to happen. But, I realize the only One Hope at such critical moment is by keep praying to Allah to get serenity. Praise to Him, lastly nothing bad happened to us.

After went back to Osaka city, I found myself very lucky having safe journey. Just on the day of my arrival here, I got news the other disastrous typhoon struck in Tokyo. I am grateful to Him because now I stay in Osaka. My memory in Tokyo bring me a lot to remember :==)

My Travel Info:

Now, let's put the story left behind my history.
Actually, today’s entry, I’m really pleasure to share another short travel to Tokyo during this summer. When anyone mention about Tokyo, I bet some of us can imagine the trademarks of this metropolis city. Maybe almost Tokyo Tower is one of the most popular one. Actually, they are other famous wonders rather than its remarkable skyline.  What are they?

When I was in Tokyo, walking under 33 degree of sunlight and 29 degree of night breeze, I found this city never be silent. This huge city with approximately 35 million people which larger than Malaysian population indeed astonishingly portrays its modernity spreading over all aspects.  For me, I see Tokyo as the center of the cultures harmonizes with modern civilization elements without disregarding their good morals especially respect values towards elders. Tokyo is actually popular worldwide not just due to having fascinating places like Tokyo Tower, Shibuya District, Harajuku streets, Asakusa Temple, Ginza Castle or Tokyo Sky Tree (recently developing) but it is developed with civilized and responsible people make it comfortable to live in. That is why, you would hardly find out traffic jams, illegal racing, pickpockets,  scams, or litter. However, the negative might be molestation as a big issue that usually reported during transportation.

Here, some of pictures of memory in Tokyo:

 Akihabara- the popular place for shopping games, electronic devices and anime merchandise.

 Shibuya District- The most crowded traffic junction in the world... really?!

 Shibuya Station locates the Hachiko memorial statue. I just knew it was famous in Hollywood and Japanese movie based on true story. The dog  is popular as the most loyal dog in the world. It died in 1935 after 9 years waiting it's master who died in 1925 at this railway station.

 Harajuku - The place where you can find out the anime cosplays and Japanese displays.

Tokyo Disney Sea 

 Dinosaurs exhibition at Tokyo National Science Museum


Mountain washed away by March 11 tsunami

 Surah Al Qaria (The Disaster):
Verse 4-5: The Day when men shall be like scattered moths and the mountains like carded wool of different colors.

This verse might be related to this current news in Japan:

(Sep. 16, 2011)
SENDAI - Mt. Hiyori, regarded as the nation's second-lowest mountain at 6.05 meters high, was washed away by the March 11 tsunami, it has been learned.

The tsunami washed away not only the shortest official mountain in Miyagino Ward, Sendai, but also a reed field in the Gamo wetlands where wild birds such as snipes and plovers rested. Consequently, numbers of wild birds in the area have fallen sharply since the disaster.

According to a civic group working to protect the Gamo wetlands, about 50 species of bird are usually observed at this time of year. However, only 28 species were recorded in a survey on the area they took on Sunday.

According to the Sendai municipal government and other sources, Mt. Hiyori was the second-lowest mountain in the nation, behind the 4.53-meter-high Mt. Tempo in Osaka, based on a map issued by the Geospatial Information Authority.

A Geospatial Information Authority official said the body would decide what course of action to take regarding the mountain being featured on its map after checking aerial photos and information from local governments.

The mountain, which was quite easy to walk around, was believed to have been made by local residents around 1909. It overlooked Sendai Bay and was loved by local residents as a place to relax. Some residents have expressed disappointment for having lost the mountain.

An 81-year-old man from Miyagino Ward who used to live near Mt. Hiyori said: "I've not come here for a long time and I'm so surprised to see [the mountain] is totally gone. I regret the loss of the mountain, which made for the best playground when I was a child."

( The Yomiuri Shimbun)


Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri

 Hari Selasa selalu disebut,
Sudah sedia jadual bergilir;
Aidilfitri kita semua sambut,
Usah terlebih, usah membazir.

Hari-hari menadah doa,
Suci doa sesudah salam;
Aidilfitri hari yang bahagia,
Hari kemenangan umat Islam.

In a few days time, all Muslims on the globe will celebrate Eidil Fitri. This year, the celebration is different for me as compared to last years. It is totally a new environment and it is the day I met new friends from different countries.

Living in a such non-Muslim country during Ramadhan taught me great patience of observing fasting and other ibadah. During my stay in Osaka, I reflected  that being as minority  actually Muslims  could be strong ties if they really practice the quality of brotherhood despite of different backgrounds. My feeling was moved to all Muslim neighbors at Ibaraki Toyokawa  area who are supportive each other and especially continuously welcome to join iftar jamai, congregational prayers and kulliyah programs.

Of course, this coming Syawal I would miss my mother, father, family, friends, teachers and acquaintances in Malaysia. At this time, I would guess many of them already balik kampung and busy some preparations for Aid celebration. Here,  this Syawal would be modest celebration among Malaysians and others. Perhaps, I would miss their presence, the get together, the smiles and the laughter. But, I believe there are new friends and faces around despite of my absence and others too.

To my beloved Mak, Ayah and familes,
To all my teachers,
To my friends, acquantances,
To all Malaysians,

With much sincerity and humbleness, I wish you Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Maaf Zahir Batin.

I may pause my posting for couple of days due to the celebration mood. Will keep all of you informed with possible colourful stories soon.

Satu syawal menjelang tiba,
Takbir bergema menggegar jiwa, Sekiranya ada salah dan dosa, Ampun dipinta di hari mulia. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri daripada saya di perantauan, Osaka University, Jepun.


Ramadhan: The Great Gift from Allah

Today's entry, I feel invited to discuss about the blessed month of Ramadhan. Every Muslim should know that this month is the best gift bestowed by Allah to only followers (ummah) of Prophet Muhammad P.b.u.h.  In Ramadhan, the ninth of Islamic month,  there is like a treasure time for those who seek blessing, mercy and forgiveness from Him. At this time,  all our deeds are blessedly rewarded infinitely, unlike other months. 

However, there are still many foreigners outside there who are curious to know about Ramadhan and fasting. They still don't know why Muslim should suffering ourselves for fasting. Since I stay with Japanese community, here is a simple note has been prepared on Ramadan in Japanese language (Japanese language, English, Hiragana, Romanji) – so that foreigners who struggle to explain on what is Ramadan/danjiki – can find this short note helpful to inform their Japanese friends. 


[ The fasting (Shoum) is one of the duties of the Muslim, refrain from eating, drinking and smoking, from dawn until sunset. The moon which a fast performs in one month is called the Ramadan or Ramadhan. Fasting is meant to teach the Muslim patience, modesty and spirituality. Ramadan is a time to fast for the sake of Allah, and to offer more prayer than usual.]
[ Danjiki (saum) to ha, isuramu kyouto no gimu no hitotsu tosite, yoake kara nichibotsu no aida, inshoku ya tabako wo suu koto nado wo tatu koto ga okonawareru. Ichikagetsu danjiki ga okonau tsuki ha Ramadan mataha ramadhan to iu mono de aru.

Danjiki ha, isuramu nintai, kenkyosa to seisinsei wo osieru tame de aru. Ramadan ha, Allah kamisama no tame ni danjiki site, itumo yori ooku no inori wo sasageru jikan de aru. ]
In details, I would like to invite any Japanese to refer this following message:







Then, I would like to express my gratitude to Br. Mohd. Taufik Mohammad on his earnest work for providing me a Friday sermon's text in Osaka University.  Hopefully, this uploaded text would be useful for us. Everybody, let's take advantage this Ramadhan to maximize our deeds and ask our repentance for seek His pleasure. Now, six of the blessing days had gone, we afraid this year might be our last time before He call us, who knows...

Jumaat Sermon

 (First Part)

All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the worlds. May peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad alaihi salam, and all his companions.

             My fellow brothers, it is the first week of Ramadan. We, as the slaves of Allah, are obligated to fulfill the third pillar of Islam, fasting the whole month of Ramadan by abstaining from doing the things that could void our fasting such as eating, drinking, and smoking. But the truth is as we all know, fasting in the month of Ramadan is more than just an obligation. As Allah has revealed in Al-Baqarah, verse 183,

Which means, “O you who believe! Observing the fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you that you may become .” In addition, Prophet Muhammad PBUH said:
In other hadith means, “When the month of Ramadan comes, the doors of Heavens will be opened, the doors of Hells will be closed, and Satans will be chained.”

            This is enough evidence to show us that fasting in Ramadan is more than just an obligation, it is an advantage. The advantage of maintaining our ‘ibadah, improving ourselves, and repenting from our sins with an abundance of blessings and rahmah, multiples from the already abundant blessings and rahmah we are given by Allah in the other months.  In order to really see what Ramadan has in store for us, let us recap the offers and promises Allah and His prophet give upon us.

             Firstly, Allah and His prophet promise that by fulfilling the obligation with our sincerest, our past sins will be forgiven. No man in this world is free from sins. Because we are living in the world that is filled with temptations and bad influences, it is human’s nature to err and to sin. When the month of Ramadan comes, the best slaves of Allah will use this advantage to cleanse themselves from the sins that they have done and improve their imaan. Narrated Abu Huraira: I heard Allah’s Messenger saying regarding Ramadan, “Whoever prayed at night in it (the month of Ramadan) out of sincere Faith and hoping for a reward from Allah, then all his previous sins will be forgiven.” Therefore, my fellows brothers, I urge you and myself to take advantage of this month of Ramadan to pay repentance to God, hoping and praying that we are cleansed from the past sins we did.

           Secondly, we as Muslims have been aware how much generous Allah is in rewarding our goodness in any month in a year. Even the smallest of undone good intention is rewarded by Allah, showing how much Allah has to give to His slaves. In the month of Ramadan, these rewards are given up to 10 to 700 multiples, according to a hadith of Prophet, on an account of Bukhari and Muslim. In another hadith from the account of Baihaqi and Ibnu Khuzaimah, the non-obligatory good deeds a slave does in this month of Ramadan will be rewarded as if he has done obligatory ones. We can see here how much at loss a Muslim is if he or she abandons from doing good deeds for the benefits that could be harvested in the month of Ramadan. Therefore, my brothers, push yourselves, invite your family and friends to give so much in this month, because the rewards that you will get will be so much more.

           Thirdly, the month of Ramadan is filled with special forms of ‘ibadah that can only be performed in this month. The nearest example we can see here is the prayers of Tarawih. These prayers are done after performing the prayer of Isha’ with various amounts of rakaah performed. Performing Tarawih prayers can be advantageous physically, mentally, and spiritually. Physically, Tarawih is a great way to train your body to enhance your stamina, which is great for everyone, especially for elderly. By having a greater stamina, we could observe more and more ‘ibadah in this special month of Ramadan, thus promoting more spiritual betterment. In return, this can also benefit us mentally by teaching us to hone our patience and mental durability. Spiritually, we have visited one of Prophet’s hadith that urged us to perform nightly prayers (Tarawih) with our sincerest because by that, our past sins will be forgiven. Keep in mind, my fellow brothers, that performing Tarawih is one of the many ways where we can be closer to Allah, asking for His forgiveness and mercy. Try your best to observe these prayers every night in Ramadan, because after the month goes away again, so does this specialty. 

            Fourthly, Abu Hurairah has given an account of a Prophet’s hadith that the du’a of three groups of people is accepted: The ones who fast, the leaders who are just, and the ones who are abused unjustly. The merit of one’s du’a to be accepted is something that we really want to harvest because naturally, we want a lot of things in this life. We want to be successful in our studies, we want to get married, we want to travel, and some other wishes. Granted that our wishes are good, Ramadan is a great platform for us to say our du’a and ask Allah since Allah is the only one who can grant our wishes. The month of Ramadan comes with a purpose, among many others, to increase the likelihood that our du’a is accepted by Allah. It is wise, then, if we all realize how much bountiful this can be for us and take advantage of this offer and pray because Allah is ar-Rahman and ar-Rahim.

          Last but not at its least, Allah promises us in a chapter in Qur’an, Surah al-Qadr, that what awaits the observant slaves of Allah in this month of Ramadan is Lailatul Qadar, or the Night of Qadar. This night is the night where everything miraculous happens, and this night, according to the chapter mentioned just now, that it is better than a thousand months. The Night of Qadar is the crown of the month of Ramadan, and surely those who are lucky to catch the night and perform ‘ibadah to Allah, will be rewarded and blessed with an unimaginable amounts of blessings from Him. My fellow brothers, there is a reason why we are not informed to the fixed date of this night, therefore, do ‘ibadah, and seek repentance continuously, and pray that Allah will bless us with meeting of this night.

(Second Part)

            Fasting in the month of Ramadan is the third pillar of Islam and it is an obligation for every Muslim to observe. The making of this obligation is not without its own reasons, since Allah’s commands are always filled with wisdom and benefits. Other than its spiritual advantages, fasting can enhance physical and mental health, showing how comprehensive Islam is in its practices. Fasting teaches us to be moderate and cut off the unnecessary extremity in our lives. Fasting also teaches us to appreciate and be grateful to what we have in life, because surely, there are others who have worse life conditions. And ultimately by fasting, we can hope that our imaan and taqwa are improved and that our life is in the approval of Allah SWT.

          This is not the end of the accounts on the month of Ramadan, because its merits and values are countless. It is a special month that is given to the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH because of the mercy of Allah. It is the time where all Muslims should race to doing ‘ibadah and good deeds such as charity, controlling our impulses, and respecting others because as I reminded myself and my fellow brothers earlier, the rewards in this month are increased up to 10 to 100 times. 

          In addition, we humans can never avoid making mistakes and doing sins, and we are in a constant state of the need to improve ourselves. Therefore, we need the month of Ramadan in order to do that because this month, as we discussed earlier, is the month where forgiveness, rewards, and blessings are multiplied. We ought to take advantage of this month in order to improve and enhance our imaan.

         I cannot stop repeating how much we need to make sure that we do our best in this month. This is a good time for us to make a self-reflection and never stop making repentance. Not just that, we are also given the opportunities with the platforms to increase the likelihood of the acceptance of our du’a. That is, if we cleanse ourselves and make the best efforts to ensure that we harvest as much in this month as possible.

       I would like to end this sermon with a piece of hadith of Prophet reported by Abu Hurairah the Prophet has said: My ummah has been given five characteristic honours in the month of Ramadan which have not been given to any other ummah before.

1.    The smell coming out from the mouth of a fasting person is better with Allah than the smell of musk.
2.    Fishes (in the water) keep praying Allah to forgive the fasting persons until they make iftar.
3.    In every day of Ramadan, Allah decorates the Jannah and addresses it saying, "It is not too far that my righteous servants shall throw away the burdens (of the worldly life) and shall proceed towards you."
4.    The rebellious satans are shackled in this month, and they cannot do in it what they do in other days (i.e. instigating men and women to commit sins).
5.    In the last night of this month, they (the fasting persons) are granted amnesty.



Fujiyama Gazing

Date:  2-3 July 2011
Places:  Kawaguchiko Lake - Yokohama City - Ueno Park, Tokyo

Fujiyama @ Fuji-san @ Mount Fuji

Many people say Fuji is covered with snow is much better than nothing. They claim the best shot of Mt. Fuji is a moment with snow-clad peak during spring. So, what makes this summer so special for Fuji trip? At this season, the mountain is free from snow. Only ashes gray tone can be viewed on that rocky mountain. However, anyone who misses the best views Fuji wears the popular ‘White Hat’ like me, actually shouldn't be disappointed Why? The only reason  is  hiking activities offer summer so exclusive.

This month, I got a chance had a short trip to Fujiyama. Actually, there are many locations for this mountain sightseeing. Among the fascinating spot that I visited is located at Kawaguchiko Lake where it surrounded by mountain range, really near Mt. Fuji. Here some of my Fuji trip pictures.

Fujiyama views from Kawaguchiko Lake

 Music Forest

Yokohama City


Arashiyama Rowing

Date: 21 May 2011
Place:  Hozugawa River, Arashiyama

Wow! Info:
Actually, it nearly passed a month another new moment was recorded. This time, the  experience merely directed to my nature's exploration. Among travelers, Arashiyama is a fabulous spot for enjoying multi-activities under fresh air. Interestingly, a river tour package offering  here is the most attracted one.I would say it felt something like touring Tembeling River at National Park in Pahang, Malaysia. 

Praise to Allah! I could  witness how majestic the nature in Japan ==)
Others, Fantastic! "Tottemo Tsugoi!" or somehow gleeful words could spontaneously utter after feeling it yourself! Along 16km Hozugawa River, there are wonderful views of mountains, cliffs, gorges, rocks and the occasional wildlife such as birds, tortoises and I even saw a Japanese monkey!  Then, crossover of train tracks could be seen as well. Not only that, you would be explained  the views by some of boat guys and sometimes with folk stories.  These guys looked  pro handlers when maneuver boat cross cascades and some narrow rock-channels. The boat ride took an hour and half made me satisfied enough engaging mother nature of Arashiyama. Finally, this moment brought me a lot of nice pictures despite of my cloth got splashed.

 Hozugawa Boat Tour


 Crossover of JR train track

 Reaching narrow rock tunnel

 Rowing is popular activity in Arashiyama


 There are also float stalls

 Arashiyama popular bridge

 Bamboo grove